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Praise for Farallon

"...modern, forward-thinking, powerfully melodic, and full of warmth and emotional directness, the album, shines brightly – as does Grinder’s playing." - Christian Wissmuller, JazzEd December, 2019

" unassuming but potent beauty that Grinder's quintet expertly brings to life." - Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz, April 19, 2019

"...joyful yet intricate..." - Matt Mitucci, Jazziz, February 18, 2019

"Put Farallon down as one of the sleeper hits of the year." - Mike Shanley, Jazztimes, May 17, 2019

"This is the sort of music that — unfortunately — you rarely hear, but when you do it demandsand deserves both your attention and respect because not only it is highly imaginative, it is genuinely sincere." - Bob Bernotas, Just Jazz, June/July 2019

"Rich sonic tapestries...." -George Harris, Jazz Weekly, February 9, 2019

"His tone and technique bring the Trombone back to the forefront of important voices in Jazz today." -Bob Nicosia, Music Man Blog, March 25, 2019

Praise for Ten Minutes

"Grinder's music, as well as the compatriots he chose for the record date, seem to have been tailor made to subvert boring virtuosity in favor of making music. 

His attacks, sustains and phrasings touch the surrounding musical environment like sunbursts, as if he were dabbing with a large brush dipped in red watercolor.

He's an intriguing addition to the language of the instrument, and his first effort gives a great deal of promise for his development." -Daniel Lehner for All About Jazz June 8th, 2014



"...with its contrapuntal sax and trombone melodies to the haunting "Look" and the intense "Mother of Exile," a musical response to the war in Syria, "Ten Minutes" is the kind of inspired debut that may very well stand the test of time." -Paul Liberatore for The Marin Independent Journal June 19th, 2014


 "He’s got a warm and rich tone and can use it for long tones as on the laconic “Look” or can make it snap and bounce to a funky backbeat on “14.” 

His ‘bone gets rich and pungent like a sour sauce" -George W. Harris for Jazz Weekly August 18th, 2014








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