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Ethan Helm on alto sax

Juanma Trujillo on guitar

Matt Honor on drums

Walter Stinson on bass

Recorded at Big Orange Sheep on March 24, 25 2019 

Engineered by Chris Benham

Mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington

Artwork by Hery Paz and layout by Molly Intersimone

Compositions by Nick Grinder, except for Reflections, by Thelonious Monk

Released on February 22, 2019



Charlotte Greve on alto sax

Manuel Schmeidel on piano

Jason Burger on drums

Sam Anning on bass

Recorded at Dolan Studios on May 9, 2013 

Engineered by Tyler McDiarmid

Mixed and mastered by Paul Wykcliffe

Artwork and layout by Molly Intersimone

All compositions by Nick Grinder 

Released on June 1, 2014


Juanma Trujillo on guitar 

Matt DiGiovanna on tenor sax

Andres Salazar on drums

Emilio Terranova on bass


Tracks 1, 3, 4 & 8 Composed by Nick Grinder 
Tracks 2, 5 & 7 Composed by Juanma Trujillo 
Track 6 Composed by Matt DiGiovanna 

Recorded September 10th, 2013, Live at the Blue Whale, in Los Angeles,


Live recording by Will Borza 
Mixed by Fidel Goa 
Mastered by Germán Landaeta 
Artwork by Oswaldo Peña & TST

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